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Pediatrics has 11 subdivisions (allergy immunology, emergency pediatric, endocrinology, gastrohepatology, hemato-oncology, infection and tropical disease, cardiology, nephrology, neurology, nutrition and metabolic disease, perinatology, respirology, and pediatric social. 

The leading service currently being developed include perinatology ward, emergency pediatric ward, and child development outward. 


General purpose:

  • To enrich student’s knowledge about pediatrics in general, the development of child from different perspective (neonatology – social pediatrics), and disease related to childhood and adulthood

Special purpose:

  • To explain pediatrics based on students’ specific interest in subdivision of pediatrics
  • To demonstrate how to manage healthy children, diagnose diseases in pediatrics and how to do the management diseases in pediatrics.

Two weeks – four weeks


  • Student Induction
  • Attending morning report, journal  presentation and case report presentation
  • Attending lectures on pediatrics according to subdivisions that of the interest to student
  • Discussion with field supervisor as scheduled according to the subdivisions that of the interest to student
  • Involvement in Inpatient and outpatient clinical rotation
  • Field visit to perinatology, emergency ward, and social pediatric outward
  • Evaluation and review at the end of the programme by supervisor or PIC.

Diagnosis and management according to subdivisions that of the interest to student

Practical sessions:

Observe duty in polyclinic and ward 


  • Case discussion according to subdivisions that of the interest to student
Measurable learning outcome:

– Ability to perform history taking, physical examination, and clinical reasoning in healthy and sick children in pediatrics

Tailor-made activities:


Number of participant:

Min 3 student 

Person in charge dr. Afrilia Intan Pratiwi, M.Sc, Sp.A
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Departemen Ilmu Kesehatan Anak 



+62856 9454 0209