Title/course offered:

  1.  Infections Cases Of The Eye
  2. Cataract Surgery Social Project 

  1. The cornea is the protective layer of the eye. It serves as a barrier against dirt, germs, and other particles that can harm the eye’s delicate components. The cornea is also capable of filtering out some amounts of the sun’s ultraviolet light. The cornea also plays a key role in vision. Indonesia is an agriculture country and recently we have so many ocular surface and corneal infections cases that different than other countries.
  2. A cataract is when your eye’s natural lens becomes cloudy. Proteins in your lens break down and cause things to look blurry, hazy or less colorful. This may lead to eventual blindness if left untreated. The natural lens play a role in bending (refracting) light rays that come into the eye to help us see. 

General purpose: 

General Instructional Objectives: 

  1. Infections Cases Of The Eye has some purposes as follows :  
  • To describe the anatomy of the cornea 
  • To explain the pathogenesis of common disorders affecting the eyelid margin, conjunctiva, cornea and sclera 
  1. Cataract Surgery Social Project 
  • To foster a sense of empathy and sympathy as well as social care for the less fortunate
  • As continuity program from Vision 2020: Global Campaign to Eliminate Avoidable Blindness

Special purpose: 

Specific Instructional Objectives:

  1. Infections Cases Of The Eye
  • To recognize the signs of the ocular surface and cornea disease
  • To outline the examination for External Eye Disease and know the laboratory and other test. 
  1. Cataract Surgery Social Project
  • To explain pathogenesis of cataract and how to differentiate it from other lens diseases
  • To outline the examination of cataract and recognize various cataract surgery techniques
Periode: 10 days 


The participants will involve in the following activities: 

  • Initial orientation 
  • Morning report and case report 
  • In-patient and out-patient clinical rotation 
  • Discussion with clinical supervisor 
  • Evaluation and presentation at the end of the programme 
  • Cataract surgery social project 

Other Activities 


  • Students Understand the signs and symptoms of the ocular surface and cornea disease
  • Students plan and do 1 ocular surface or cornea disease
  • Students identify sign dan symptoms of cataract from 1 patient who undergo cataract surgery
  • Students explain cataract surgery techniques chosen for the patient 

2.Evaluation / Assesment

Lectures: Videos of cataract surgery from Ophthalmology Department RSUP Sardjito
Measurable learning oucome:

  1. The ability to apply the knowledge of the clinical manifestation of the infections disease.
  2. Skill to identify the infectious disease of the ocular surface and cornea
  3. Knowledge to identify various lens disease including cataract 
  4. Skill to recognize early and late stage of cataract 
Tailor-made activities:


Person in charge dr. Banu Aji Dibyasakti, Sp.M
Contact Number Offic

Dept.IK Mata 

(0274) 552850 ext.1508


Hp: 08112574789