TUFH 2021: Strengthening Primary Health Services

FK-KMK UGM. Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing (FK-KMK UGM) will be the host for international conference The Network: Toward Unity for Health (TUFH) on 20-23 July 2021.

Executive Director of TUFH, Nicholas Torres explained that the international organization TUFH has a mission that medical and health education institutions not only educate, but must have social responsibility, where these institutions not only graduate doctors and health workers, but also prepare graduates to be devoted. or meet the needs of the local community. “This is what makes TUFH different from other health organizations,” he said, Monday (19/7) during an online press conference.

Dean of FK-KMK UGM, Prof. dr. Ova Emilia, M.Med.Ed., PhD., SpOG(K) also emphasized that the main mission of TUFH is in line with the University’s vision, namely to increase social responsibility to the community, through the spirit of being a people’s university.

“We will always direct our Tridharma efforts to serve the interests of the nation and humanity. This is what unites us to be a part of TUFH until now. It seems that this is indeed an organization that truly unites, that education is not only a process but its benefits in society also need to be displayed. This is in line with UGM to make educational institutions not only as ivory towers. We certainly have to have leverage for the country, that must be strengthened so that the benefits exist,” he explained.

In particular, TUFH 2021 carries the theme “Enhancing Interprofessional Collaboration and Learning for Strengthening Primary Health Care”. The theme, which focuses on increasing interprofessional collaboration and education for the sake of strengthening primary health services, is in line with the spirit of the TUFH organization that prioritizes service quality and population health. In principle, holding the TUFH 2021 conference is hoped to be able to increase the capacity of human resources which will have an impact on improving the quality of health services and being able to realize health for all, such as the vision of the TUFH organization itself.

The chairman of the TUFH 2021 committee, Prof. dr. Gandes Retno Rahayu, M.Med.Ed., PhD., said that this year’s international conference attended by approximately 400 students, lecturers, academics and practitioners from countries in Asia, Africa, America, Australia and Europe will discuss more innovations carried out between countries and between institutions in increasing interprofessional collaboration to strengthen primary health services.
In general, the TUFH 2021 international conference activities aim to: first, improve the quality of health services through educational efforts and involve stakeholders comprehensively, Second, disseminate projects and research related to interprofessional education, community-based education, social accountability, primary care, and educational innovations. Third, establish communication between researchers and medical and health education institutions around the world. Fourth, initiating the social accountability movement to improve the level of public health through dignified medical and health education.

TUFH is an international organization that fosters equitable community-oriented health, education and research services with the aim of improving health locally and globally. The history of TUFH’s journey itself has started since 1979 until now it is more than 40 years old. TUFH brings together innovative healthcare organizations, universities, community institutions, and thought leaders from around the world. TUFH hosts annual international conferences, weekly virtual expert symposiums, and the MEDLINE indexed journal Education for Health. Currently, TUFH has a global secretariat which is a consortium of 9 institutions from all continents in the world, and UGM is one of the consortium institutions so that it continues to be actively involved in the TUFH organization. This 2021 TUFH international conference makes FK-KMK UGM the second host after the 1990s. (Wiwin/IRO)