The Role of the Immune System in Fighting Cancer


FK-KMK UGM. Urology Studi Program of FK-KMK UGM together with Department of Pathology Anatomy and Department of Pharmacology and Treatment FK-KMK organized a Visiting Professor: Novel Advanced in Urological Center Immunotherapy on Friday (8/9) through a zoom meeting.

Immune system is a biological collection of organs, specific cells, molecules, and other components that protect the body against foreign matter. Immune cells and the substances the make travel through the body to protect it from infectious pathogens and can also help protect against cancer cell proliferation.

“Immune system can distinguish self from non-self and vigorously attack non-self and infected self issues. There are some utilizes numerous mechanism to fight disease, such as phagocytosis, antimicrobial peptides, the complement system, and adapt to and recognize specific pathogens,” Prof. Yeh explained.

Prof. Yeh said that the immune subsystem is divided by 2 types, which is innate immunity and adaptive immunity. “The innate immune system includes inherited physical and biochemical structures present from birth that protect the body from invading substances. Meanwhile, the adaptive immune system is highly specific to its molecular structural characteristics,” he added.

For conclusion, Prof. Yeh explains that the immune system is the key player in defeating cancer. Immunology is changing the landscape in the cancer field. (Nirwana Reporter)

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