Student Learning through Community Practice

FK-KMK UGM. Department of Medical Professions FK-KMK UGM held MHPE – FRIENDSHIP Leader Through Change Webinar with the topic “Changes in Community Based Education Practice” on Friday (29/9).

Assoc. Prof. Saurabh R. Shrivastava from Community Medicine at Shri Sathya Sai Medical College was the speaker in this webinar. Prof. Saurabh presented material on the topic of Implementing Early Community Exposure through Health Appraisal by Rapid Techniques (HeART).

HeART is an innovative community-based experiential learning program for first-year medical students. “We have designed the Community Orientation Program in collaboration with Partners Medical International, Boston, USA,” said Prof. Saurabh.

There are 2 main objectives of this program. First, it introduces students to the bio-psychosocial dimensions of health and disease (beyond disease-centered hospital-based learning). Second, HeART aims to demystify research by exposing students to the fundamentals of health research methodology.

The program consists of an orientation period, field trips, and presentations. Students will be divided into groups with one facilitator. The group will be assigned at least one student who understands the local language to facilitate communication with the community. (Nirwana/Reporter)

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