As emerging cases of medical emergency (trauma or non-trauma) become tremendous burden for patient, especially in healthcare practice, radiology serves as critical part in both diagnosis and final management decision due to its various imaging modalities provided. Serious permanent complication and multi-organ involvement for such time-sensitive conditions could be getting worse in any minute, or even lead to death, if left maltreated. Therefore, the need for skilled and knowledgeable doctors in emergency setting is beyond crucial. As one of the developing countries in the world, heterogenous emergency cases are easily found in daily basis here in Indonesia. The frequency for basic and initial imaging modality usage, such as x-ray and ultrasound, is still high. Not to mention many cases that would be still be handled by general physicians, and not only radiologist and any specialist doctors. 


General purpose:

  • To understand basic principle of imaging, especially in x-ray and ultrasound modalities
  • To explain basic concept of analyzing x-ray imaging result, especially in emergency cases

Special purpose:

  • To recognize the radiological features and signs of emergency cases in specific organ/ compartments (such as head and neck, thorax, abdomen including gastrointestinal, urogenital, and gynecology, and also musculoskeletal)
  • To describe the choices of modality needed for further radiological examination in specific cases
Periode: 2 weeks


The participans will involve in the following activities:

  • Initial orientation
  • Morning report (daily)
  • Clinical rotation (x-ray and ultrasound rotation as priority)
  • Case report presentation
  • Discussion with supervisor (radiology consultant/ radiologist/ teaching staff)
  • Evaluation at the end of the program

  • Imaging modality choices in radiology emergency
  • Basic concept of imaging in emergency setting
  • Approach in diagnosis of emergency cases in specific organs: From the eyes of radiologist

Practical sessions:

  • In daily basis, participant will join clinical rotation together with medical students or in direct under-supervision with senior resident (focusing on x-ray and ultrasound rotation activities)


  • Case report presentation and discussion with supervisor (radiology consultant/ radiologist/ teaching staff) once per 1-2 days
Measurable learning outcome:

  • Knowledge to understand the chosen modality appropriate for certain emergency cases
  • Skill to identify radiological sign and features in various emergency cases
Tailor-made activities:


Number of participants: maximum 3 students
Person in charge  Naela Himayati Afifah, M.Sc, MD, radiologist
Contact Number Offic

(+62274) 6411676

Fax: – Hp: +6285739517310