New Challenges in Realizing Public Health Ethics

FK-KMK UGM. Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities (CBMH) Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing UGM conducted Raboan Research and Sharing Perspective with the topic “Addressing the Challenges of Public Health Ethics Practice” on Wednesday (31/1) through Zoom meeting.

In this agenda, Prof. dr. Mohammad Hamiki, Sp.OG., Subps.Obginsos., Ph.D from CBMH presented “The Importance and Needs for Ethics in Public Health Practice”. He said that ethics is a set of moral values of principles. The ethical principles in epidemiologic practice and research include informed consent, confidentiality, respect for human rights, and scientific integrity.

The moral imperative of public health is to ensure and protect the health of the population and the individual. To realize this, some challenges must be faced. “There are challenges to public health ethics, such as improving population health within limited resources and protecting individual liberties vs. protecting the public good,” Prof. Hakimi said.

Prof. Hakimi concludes that public health ethics requires a new approach and further work developing and assessing the framework is necessary. This is because the development of ethics follows the development of people and the cultures that follow. The ever-changing nature of people and culture affects how the goals of public health ethics are realized. (Nirwana/Reporter)

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