The library as a supporting unit in the learning and research process at the Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing has the following duties and functions:

  1. Organize, process, provide, and provide literature services, especially in the biomedical field to the FK-KMK academic community and the scientific community in general.
  2. Provide literature search guidance to students to improve the utilization of available information resources and foster the spirit of independent learning and lifelong learning.
  3. Documenting the scientific work of the FK-KMK academic community in an effort to provide and develop a collection of repositories as institutional information resources.

The library in order to realize these functions and tasks is equipped with various information resources in both print and digital formats. The availability of digital information resources in databases and online journals makes it easy for academics to access literature needs at any time for 24 hours and from anywhere through the address

The library to support learning is equipped with adequate learning facilities, namely: furniture that follows current trends, the use of RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification), WIFI, independent lending platforms, discussion rooms, meeting rooms, Co-Reading Space, and worship space. The library carries out various workshop activities, including; strategies for searching for information, using Mendeley for citations and making bibliographies, making scientific paper writing templates using MS Word, and others. The library provides consultancy services to the academic community related to literature. The library makes various video tutorials about services and the use of information resources uploaded on the youtube channel “library-fkkmk”.

Reading Space
Self Service Platform