FK-KMK UGM Pushes for the Establishment of a Clinical Research Unit and Nuclear Medicine

FK-KMK UGM. Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is increasingly needed at various levels of health service units in Indonesia. This imaging technique has become a primary modality in meeting patients’ needs for early diagnostic facilities and prognostic predictions in the treatment of serious diseases, particularly cancer.

To address this challenge, the Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing at Universitas Gadjah Mada (FK-KMK UGM) has planned the establishment of a Clinical Research Unit (CRU) at the UGM Academic Hospital (RSA).

On Friday (10/5), Dr. dr. Lina Choridah, Sp.Rad.(K), Vice Dean for Research and Development at FK-KMK UGM, along with PProf. dr. Jarir At Thobari, D.Pharm., Ph.D, Prof. Dr. apt. Ika Puspita Sari, S.Si., M.Si., and Dr. dr. Ratna Dewi Puspita, M.Sc., conducted a comparative study at the Melbourne Children’s Trials Centre, Royal Children’s Hospital, and Nucleus Network, Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Australia, to prepare for this initiative.

The working visit aimed at benchmarking the existing CRU at RSA UGM to enhance its capacity in accordance with clinical trials to be conducted in collaboration with pharmaceutical and supplement manufacturers from the United States, South Korea, and Indonesia.

During the visit to the Royal Children’s Hospital, dr. Lina met with Prof. Andrew Steer and Prof. Andrew Davidson, Anesthesia Specialists and Clinical Research Directors at the hospital, to discuss matters related to the CRU.

At the CRU unit, dr. Lina gathered information on the entire process from patient screening to treatment, particularly for outpatient services.

The visit continued to Nucleus Network, Alfred Hospital, where they have inpatient clinical trial facilities. Notably, Nucleus has conducted nearly 1500 Phase I clinical trials across Melbourne, Brisbane, and Minneapolis, USA.

Additionally, dr. Lina visited the Melbourne Theranostic Centre and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, accompanied by Adj. Prof. Hans Wijaya, MM, Director of Cyclotek Pharmaceutical Indonesia.

She had the opportunity to inspect Cyclotek and PET Scan facilities, which led to plans for developing Cyclotek in Indonesia and conducting research collaborations related to radiopharmaceuticals and nuclear medicine.

This visit is expected to accelerate the establishment of the CRU at RSA UGM with international cooperation, aligning with the commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), specifically Partnership for the Goals (SDG 17), Quality Education (SDGs 4), and Good Health and Well-Being (SDGs 3). (Isroq Adi Subakti/Reporter)

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