Welcome to the Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing Universitas Gadjah Mada

Thank you for visiting the official website of the Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing Universitas Gadjah Mada (FKKMK UGM). Website has become an integral part of an advanced and global organization. Similar to a house, it also functions as a veranda where we receive all our guests before inviting them inside. Hopefully this website can be a warm welcome to all visitors before knowing this faculty more deeply.

Established on 5th March 1946, FKKMK UGM is the oldest medical faculty in Indonesia. At the age of 72 years in 2018, the vision and mission of FKKMK UGM cannot be separated from its university, which are becoming a world-class medical school, innovative and has a superior service to the nation and humanity. A good, transparent, and accountable faculty management is of paramount importance currently. Therefore, strategic and operational plans were set in order to realize the mentioned vision and mission. Such plans are guiding us to be more focused and able to develop a comprehensive, integrated, effective, and efficient priority programs. We also accelerated our pace as a research-based educational institution which has a good international reputation in education, basic research, and clinical fields, while also sustainably carrying out our community service.

We also do our internal quality assurance, which continuously carried out in academics, administration, and finance. Our internal audit quality has made FKKMK UGM as a reference for other medical school in the management of curriculum, educational organization, and learning process. Innovation and improvement in curriculum and learning process is essential, so that each graduate is able to meet the Indonesian Doctor Competency Standard (SKDI) and able to compete globally in health-related problem solving.

Finally, I would like to thank for the support from all our academicians in each of the achievements attained by FKKMK UGM. Viva Medika!