Efforts on Tuberculosis Treatment and Its Challenges

FK-KMK UGM. Internal Medicine Study Program, Faculty of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing UGM held a Guest Lecture: 3D Tuberculosis: Detection, Diagnosis, Drug Monitoring on Wednesday (20/9) in the Auditorium on the 1st floor of the Tahir Postgraduate Building. Dr. Sumardi, Sp.PD-KP from the Department of Internal Medicine FK-KMK and Prof. Chin-hsin Lee, MD from Taipei Medical University was the resource person in this guest lecture.

Dr. Sumardi explained the condition of Tuberculosis in Indonesia and the treatment efforts that have been made. “In Indonesia, preventive measures have been taken for those at risk and treatment measures for patients who have been infected. “However, there are still several areas that have not been reached because of the difficult terrain,” he explained.

Prof. Lee presented material entitled Latent TB Infection: Why, Who, and How. Latent TB is a person who has had direct contact with a sufferer but has not experienced active TB. “Quarantine and early diagnosis are the most appropriate treatment efforts to stop the spread of infection,” he added.

There are several stages carried out in treatment for latent infection, including identifying high risk, IGRA (TST), X-ray, evaluating risk, decision making, encouraging patients to take part in the DOT program, and monitoring.

Apart from guest lectures, Prof. Lee also had other agendas during his visit to FK-KMK, namely ward visits and discussions with the Internal Medicine Study Program. (Nirwana/Reporter)