Radiology Department was established along with the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Gadjah Mada in 1949. During that period, the department was located in Surakarta and only in 1970, when the Radiology Department was established along with the construction of Dr. Sardjito hospital in Yogyakarta. Radiodiagnostic services started in early 1975, followed by radiotherapy service in Desember 21, 1975 after a radiotherapy technologist was placed in Dr. Sardjito hospital.

Dr. Arif Faisal was the Chair of Radiology Department for the period of 1987-1991 and 1992-1996. During these periods, the number of residents increased, along with the improvement of services, education, and scentific activities. New radiological equipments such as whole body CT Scan, SPECT Gamma Camera, Ultrasound unit, X-ray unit, and Mammography supported the development of this department.

Along with rapid advancement of technology up to 2015, the Radiology Department has gained stronger interest through the delivery of excellent health care and educational services. New equipments arrived to facilitate the desire the provide high quality of care, such as 64-slices multi-slice CT Scan, new cathlab equipment, colour doppler and elastography ultrasound, CAD Mammography, Digital Radiography X-Ray, and Linear Accelerator radiotherapy unit.

Currently, the Radiology Department has 14 active radiologist staff member, two assistant staff, 67 residents, and seven foreign students from Palestine. Radiology Department has been actively participating in the educational process of medical doctor. Patient load increases with almost 250 radiodiagnostic patients per day, and 60 radiotherapy patients per day on average. Increased number of staff, students, and service facilities reveal a very promising development and advancement of the Radiology department. The department also established multi-center studies with other departments as well as other faculties and institutions.For example, collaborative research with Department of Electricaland Information Technology Faculty of Engineering and Department of Computer Science & Electronic UGM, Cancer Center Dr. Sardjito hospital, and Informatics Department, Science and Techology Faculty, State Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga.

Service-Research Excellence
• Computer-aided Detection Mammography
• Minimally-invasive Interventional Radiology
• Elastography Ultrasound
• Linear Accelerator Radiotherapy Unit

Year Important Achievement
1946 Radiology Department established
2000 Cath-Lab for Interventional Radiology established
2010 64-MSCT Scan installed
2014 Multi-center studies with other departments- institutions established
2015 Take part in the successful liver and kidney transplant in Dr Sardjito Hospital
2015 Collaborative team on the first surgery of conjoined twins in Dr Sardjito Hospital
2015 Contribute to the International Cancer Center Tulip (Linac, CAD mammography, US elastography