Pediatric Nursing and Maternity Nursing have been embedded in School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine since 1998. Later in December 2015, Pediatric Nursing and Maternity Nursing were merged into one department, The Department of Pediatric Nursing and Maternity Nursing. The department consists of two divisions as embedded in the name. These divisions conduct education, research and community services (Tridarma Perguruan Tinggi) for bachelor degree in nursing since 1998 and Master of Nursing since 2012.

Our vision in 2020 is to become a center of development in national, regional and international level for pediatric nursing and maternity nursing in education, research and community services based on Indonesian culture and humanity. To achieve the vision, the department has a strategic plan to develop research on anemia management model for pregnant women, health reproduction for adolescent, child and maternity health in disaster, comprehensive nursing care for unhealthy child and child with special needs, child growth and development based on family centered care, palliative care for children and family, and nursing intervention based on local wisdom.

The department has several important collaborations with many institutions in national and international level to enhance education, research and community services. Our department has ten lecturers, half of them are PhDs in nursing and the rests are Masters and Specialists in nursing. Our lecturers have also published many research articles in international journals.

Year Important Achievement
1998 Pediatric nursing and maternity nursing as sub-divisions of the Nursing department, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Gadjah Mada established
2012 Master program in Nursing, majoring in maternity nursing and pediatric nursing started.
2015 Department of Pediatric nursing and Maternity nursing established