Department of Anatomical Pathology was established in 1952, chaired by dr. M. Bambang Soetarso. At that time, the department was still merged with the Department of Legal Medicine, led by dr. M. Bambang Soetarso and dr. Moch. Saleh. These two departments were the separated in 1954, but still located in the same building in Mangkubumen. Three years later, the departments were moved to Pugeran Hospital and situated in a multi-floor building. This department was located in the ground floor and the second floorwas partly used for practical session and museum. Along with the relocation of Faculty of Medicine, in June 1983 the Department of Anatomical Pathology was moved to Sekip and placed into a new twostorey building. After the construction of Radiopoetro Building was finished in 2004, the department was relocated once more to this new building andlocated on the fourth floor. As a tribute for his major contribution in science, the name of Prof. dr. M. Bambang Soetarso is used as the name of a lecture room in the second flood of the Auditorium building.

Many achievements have been obtained for the last 70 years. The first cancer registry in Indonesia was pioneered by dr. Soeripto by doing populationbased registry in Srandakan, Bantul, in 1980-1983. The department also sent some staff abroad to upgrade their knowledge and skills in specific fields. dr. Harijadi took a short course on nasopharyngeal cancer in The Netherlands and France. Dr. FX Ediati Triningsih took clinical autopsy courses in Singapore, insitu hybridization course in England, and hygiene and tropical medicine in Japan. In 1977, dr. Prijono Tirto Projo took fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) course in Antonie van Leeuwenhoek University and Leiden University, The Netherlands. In 1985, dr. Totok Utoro, obtained his DMed Sci degree from Kobe University, Japan. The knowledge and skills obtained abroad were expanded continuously into routine and semi-routine procedures in providing service and research.

Nowadays, the Department of Anatomical Pathology has become one of centers of excellencein pathological diagnosis, education, and research in Indonesia. Along with the innovation from histomorphology era to molecular-genetic era, the department always keeps up and takes part in scientific development of medical technology. In pathological diagnosis, the department  provides many molecular-genetic tests using immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization (ISH), conventional polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and real-time PCR technique, other than routine procedures for histomorphology and cytomorphology. In 2015, the department has become one of centers of excellence inimmunohistochemical examination in Indonesia.

Despite actively participating in graduate student program, the department also offers education program to become anatomical pathology specialist and subspecialist. The department currently nurtures 19 residency doctors. That number increases steadily by year. The department also provides training for anatomical pathology laboratory analysts from other regions in Indonesia.

For researchers from other institutions, we provide services, such as paraffin block making, routine HE staining, histochemical staining, immunohistochemical staining, PCR, and result interpretation. In order to improve diagnostic services, education, and research, the department develops international collaborations. Currently, the department is collaborating with Kobe University, Kyoto University, Hyogo University Japan, and Universitair Medish Centrum Groningen, The Netherlands for joint research and knowledge-technology transfer.

Service -Research Excellence Area

  • Pathological Diagnosis
  • Immunohistochemical staining using various antibodies: cytokeratin, vimentin, ER, PR,HER2, LCA, CD20, CD3, CD1a, desmin, S100,
    chromogranin, synaptophysin, NSE, Ki67, and many others
  • In situ hybridization for breast cancer
  • Liquid based cytology
  • PCR and real time PCR examination
  • Genetic analysis for colorectal and lung cancer (EGFR and ALL RAS mutation)
  • HBV and HCV detection
  • HPV genotyping
  • Education
  • Accredited “A” for education of specialist physician
  • Research
  • Mutation analysis in dystrophin gene of Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophy
  • Role of P13K and RAS pathway in astrocytoma
  • BRCA-1 mutation in breast cancer
  • Molecular subtype of breast cancer
  • Clonality test and chromosomal translocation in lymphoid neoplasm
  • EGFR and ALK mutation in lung cancer
  • All RAS and RAF mutation in colorectal cancer
  • C-kit mutation in gastrointestinal stromal tumor
  • Molecular epidemiology of HBV, HCV, GBV-C, and TTV
Year Important Achievement
1952 Department of Anatomical Pathologyand Legal Medicine established
1954 Department of Anatomical Pathology established as a separate department
1983 Moved to UGM campus in Sekip
1995 Immunohistochemical staining examination started
2004 Laboratory in Anatomical Pathology established in Radiopoetro Building
2010 ISH examination conducted
2012 PCR examination started
2014 Liquid based cytology started
2015 Center of excellence in molecular examination for breast cancer. Real-time PCR examination started
2016 HPV genotyping test started