The Department of Basic and Emergency Nursing was established as a new department in early 2016.The development of this department, however, has started since 1998 when the Department of Nursing was established with basic nursing and emergency nursing were among the divisions. This department consists of ten academic staff members with minimum qualifications of Master degree. All staff members are dedicated to perform teaching, community services and research. Our department consists of two divisions. The first division, Basic Nursing, focuses on knowledge in basic nursing, nursing education and nursing management. Membersof this division initiate seminars, workshops and trainings related to physical assessment system, nursing education, Standardized Nursing Language (SNL), diagnostic reasoning process, and clinical reasoning process.

We work closely with our partner hospitals, such as UGM hospital, Dr. Sardjito Hospital, and Banyumas district hospital to continuously improve patient care as well as teaching clinical practice, and undertake joint research. Together with our partners, we work on several issues such as patient safety issues, patient documentation and staff development through continuous nursing education event (CNE) both for our staff members and staff from our partner hospitals.

Nursing, focuses on knowledge in adult critical care nursing, pre-hospital and intra-hospital care, and disaster nursing. Staff in this department have been actively involved in disaster response team since 1998 up to present. In addition to establish Hospital Disaster Plan, this division also develops standards for palliative care as a guideline to provide care for the community.Training on basic life support and disaster preparedness in community and disaster preparedness training for health professionals are routinely conducted. This division proactively work with professional organizations such as the Indonesian Critical Care Nurses Association, Indonesian Emergency and Disaster Nurses Association, and Disaster Response Unit (DERU)UGM. International collaboration in research activities have been carried out with colleagues from other countries such as Japan, Thailand, and the Netherland. Several publications have been published in international conferences and journals which will enrich the body of knowledge in nursing related to this field.

Year Important Achievement
1998 Basic Nursing Division and Emergency and Critical Care Nursing Division were Part of the Department of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine
2006 JICA grant on ‘Mobile Rehabilitation by Empowering Local Community To Support Recovery of People Affected by My 27th Earthquake in Bantul District received
2007 JICA grant on the Emergency Response Training for Health Cadres in Disaster Prone Areas in Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia received
2016 Department of Basic and Emergency Nursing established