Undergraduate Study Programs

Medicine Program

Innovative and eminent global standards, and serve the interests of the nation and humanity supports by professional and integrity human resources imbued with nation’s cultural values based on Pancasila.

Why do you have to study in this program ?
  • Favorite Program. Always become first option by prospective students.
  • Accreditation. Accredited A by national institution LAMPTKes, accredited until 2019 by World Federation Medical Education, and certified by AUN-QA until September 2022. Internal academic quality assurance is conducted every year so that quality of curriculum organizing academic management, educational organizations, and teaching and learning processes is always maintained.
  • Strong Resources. Medicine Program as part of Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing has robust resources proven 32 departments, 9 study center, 6 master program, 20 specialization, 1 PhD program.
  • Competitive.. Each candidate has to defeat 40 others of prospective students to enroll in Medicine Program. It gave Medicine Program good impact in having best students.
  • National and International Collaboration. . Medicine Program collaborate with famous universities in Indonesia and other countries that abled their graduates to study in graduate level in these universities.
  • Resolute Alumni.. Thousands of Medicine Program Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing Universitas Gadjah Mada alumni has been contributing in this field whether in Indonesia or other countries. It will be a boon to Medicine Program in human resources links and professional support in national and international scope.
  • Newest Strategy of Learning. . Start from academic year 2020/2021, Medicine Program has been using a new Curriculum 2020 which being customized with National Medicine Program Education Indonesia by Medicine Council in 2019. Curriculum Structure that has been implemented using SPICES (Student-centered, Problem-based, Integrated or inter professional, Community-based, Elective-driven, and Systematic) approach with outcome-based education.
  • 2 education classes. Medicine Program have 2 education classes, namely regular and international program.
  • High percentage of passing national exam.  Numbers of students who successful in passing national exam as a first taker are outstanding. Which more than 90% of students are passing National Doctor Profession Program Student Competency Test (UKMPPD)(Look at program specification).
Vision and Mission of The Medicine Programme

The Vision:
The vision of the study program is to become an innovative and internationally recognized medical school and serve the interests of the nation and humanity with the support of professional and integrated human resources inspired by the nation’s cultural values based on Pancasila.

The Missions:

In order to achieve the vision of the Medical Study Program, namely:


  1. Implementing competency-based medical education following the Indonesian Medical Doctor Standard of Competencies (SKDI), which refers to the educational goals of UGM.
  2. Developing medical education programs that graduates able to compete at the international level.
  3. Implementing an educational atmosphere that has integrity, academic discipline, and manners.
  4. Applying and developing the concept of family medicine and multi-professional collaboration in the education curriculum
  5. Developing innovative learning media by utilizing IT advances.
  6. Carrying out excellent, innovative, and valuable research in order to take part in advancing public health.
  7. Implement devotion and service to the community that is useful for advancing public health. 
  8. Fostering partners with relevant institutions, either local or international.
  9. Developing independence in student admissions.

International Program

The international program at the Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing (FK-KMK) UGM is designed to educate doctors who are professional, adaptive, humanist, and visionary.

Program and Curriculum

Medicine Program Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing Universitas Gadjah Mada has been conduct 2 classes in parallel, that is regular and international program

Academic Administration

Student admission at Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing Universitas Gadjah Mada conducted in accordance with university admission procedure.

School of Nursing

Departments of Nursing FK-KMK UGM adheres to the CARE philosophy, which is the belief and basis for carrying out all academic community activities in both undergraduate and postgraduate program in nursing. CARE stands for Competence, Altruism, Respect, and Empathy. 

The Bachelor in Nutrition and Health

The Health Nutrition Study Program (PSGK) designs its educational activities following the philosophy of constructivism education, which is a student-focused philosophy that emphasizes the importance of active students in learning.